1. Wide Application Range
2. Multiple Protection Functions
3. High Capacity & Performance
4. Multiple Interface Communication
5. Reliable Protection Measures
6. Flexible Installation

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  • Wide application range

    The DPX15 is suitable for small and medium-sized residential and public facilities. It can cooperate with photovoltaics and inverters to power household appliances such as TVs, air conditioners, and lighting.

  • Multiple protection functions

    The DPX15 has voltage, current, and temperature protection functions, as well as voltage, temperature, current, and SOC alarm functions. It can exchange information with inverters, connect to a PC via RS485, and monitor the battery management system (BMS) content.

  •  High capacity and performance

    The DPX15 has a battery rating of 51.2V280Ah-14.3KWh, providing high capacity and efficient energy conversion. It ensures reliable and continuous power supply to meet the needs of homes and public facilities.

  • Reliable protection measures

    The DPX15 features multiple protection measures, including overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature, over-current, and short circuit protection, ensuring the safe operation of the battery pack and the system.

  • Multiple interface communication

    The DPX15 is equipped with RS232 and RS485 interfaces, enabling communication with a PC and other intelligent terminals for monitoring and management.

  • Flexible installation

    The DPX15 adopts a floor-type installation method, offering convenient and flexible installation options to accommodate various installation environments and requirements.

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