ZESE: Discovering Innovative Battery Technology at the 8th World Battery Industry Expo 2023

ZESE: Discovering Innovative Battery Technology at the 8th World Battery Industry Expo 2023

From August 8th to 10th, 2023, Shenzhen Zese Lithium Energy Technology Co., Ltd. will showcase a range of new products, including portable energy storage, home energy storage, and commercial energy storage systems, at the 2023 World Battery Industry Expo. These new products are developed based on different market demands collected from exhibitions held in various locations, such as Hong Kong, France, Poland, Germany, and Indonesia this year, catering to diverse customer needs.

Established in 2013, Shenzhen Zese Lithium Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has evolved from a lithium battery sales company into an integrated enterprise for research, development, production, and sales of lithium battery energy storage power systems. The company's main products include high-voltage battery modules, battery packs, microgrids with energy storage, outdoor power sources, and large-scale energy storage power stations. The company has established professional power system PACK factories in Dongguan and Huzhou.

At the 2023 World Battery Industry Expo, Zese Lithium Energy stands out with outstanding product performance and aesthetics, attracting a multitude of visitors and high-quality buyers for discussions and negotiations.

Zese Lithium Energy emphasizes its mission of "safely managing every battery cell" while delving into research and design of product performance and aesthetics, leading to four product directions.

Portable products without AC inversion: Represented by the large power bank, its capacity is equivalent to 20 10,000mAh power banks. Its sleek and stylish design, customizable colors, multiple USB and Type-C ports, and single-port 140W charging capacity make it ideal for places with gatherings like airports, train stations, restaurants, libraries, and conference rooms.

Portable energy storage with AC inversion: Represented by ZS102, including ZS101 and ZS201, ranging from 150W to 3000W. Its unique cylindrical appearance appeals to overseas customers. The unique emergency car ignition feature makes it popular among the younger generation. The modular design can accommodate different countries' socket requirements.

Home energy storage: Designed with wall-mounted, leaning, and stacked installation options to suit different application scenarios. ZS501, representing this category, offers transformation power of 6kW, 10kW, and above. Its modular battery pack allows for unlimited expansion and flexible usage. It incorporates various energy management modes such as peak shaving and valley filling, voltage and frequency regulation, solar priority, battery priority, and off-grid operation.

Commercial energy storage: Represented by ZS33, suitable for outdoor container or indoor tower crane installations. It supports multiple power sources such as photovoltaics, wind turbines, diesel generators, and energy storage batteries, eliminating losses and effectively solving inter-cluster charging and discharging imbalances.

During the expo, Deputy General Manager of Zese Lithium Energy, Zhang Tao, shared the company's journey since its establishment and its new development plans. He expressed that the company has been dedicated to investing in the new energy industry since its inception, setting up professional R&D teams and production bases in Dongguan and Huzhou from 2017 to 2020. The company's presence has expanded to multiple markets both domestic and international, including the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Poland, Lebanon, South Africa, Ukraine, and more.

To seize the golden period of energy storage market development and create economies of scale for its products, Zese Lithium Energy established "Guangdong Zhongxing Chuangcheng Zhigu Energy Storage Co., Ltd." in 2022, investing in the construction of the "Greater Bay Area Energy Storage Industry Base" in Mutian, Xinhui District, Jiangmen.

This industry base covers an area of about 204 acres and boasts a favorable geographical location with easy access to highways and the Shen-Zhong Expressway. It aims to build two major bases for energy storage manufacturing and export, along with five centers including energy storage battery pack technology sharing, cell joint procurement, energy storage product R&D, and energy storage product logistics. Deputy General Manager Zhang Tao invited new energy upstream and downstream enterprises to join the industrial park and jointly build the Greater Bay Area Energy Storage Industry Base.

Deputy General Manager Zhang Tao believes that Zese Lithium Energy will find suitable suppliers and high-quality customers at the expo. He also wished the World Battery Industry Expo a prosperous future and a sustained high level of popularity within the new energy battery industry.

In the future, Zese Lithium Energy will continue to expand its capacity, enhance product performance, increase research and development investment, and provide higher-quality customized services to customers, driving the continuous high-quality development of the battery industry.