• High Capacity

    The ZES DPX-14 boasts a large rated capacity of 247KWh, providing ample energy storage for various applications.

  • High Voltage Range

    With a working voltage range of 648V to 850V (DC), the DPX-14 can efficiently operate under different voltage conditions.

  • Clean and Stable Output

    The rated output voltage of 400V (AC) ensures a stable and reliable power supply for connected devices.

  • Advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

    Utilizing LiFePO4/3.2V161Ah cells, the DPX-14 offers a safe and efficient battery solution.

  • Robust and Durable Construction

    The product's dimensions (105522342000mm) and reference weight (<4.0t) indicate a sturdy and long-lasting design suitable for various environments.

  • Smart Communication and Control

    The product features Ethernet/RS485 communication, allowing for seamless integration and monitoring of the power system.

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