1. Versatile Power Supply
2. Advanced Protection Features
3. Efficient Communication
4. Compact & Wall-Mountable
5. High Capacity & Durability
6. User-Friendly Inverter

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  • Versatile Application:

    The ZESE ZS01 emergency power supply is ideal for small residential facilities, providing power to small TVs, air conditioners, and lights with built-in photovoltaic and inverter features.

  • Advanced Protection Features

    Equipped with voltage, current, and temperature protection, along with voltage, temperature, current, and SOC alarm functions, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

  • Efficient Communication

    The product allows seamless interaction with inverters and PC host computers through RS232 interface, enabling easy monitoring and control of the battery's real-time and historical data.

  • Compact and Wall-Mountable

    With a sleek and space-saving design, the ZS01 can be easily mounted on walls for convenient installation.

  • High Capacity and Durability

    Boasting a rated capacity of 161Ah and a robust construction, this battery offers reliable performance and can withstand multiple charge-discharge cycles (2000 times at 80% DOD, 25°C).

  • User-Friendly Inverter

    The high-frequency inverter provides a smooth 2KW power output with a sinusoidal waveform and features a display screen for easy operation and monitoring.

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