1. Mature Technology
2. Efficient Management
3. High Conversion
4. Flexible Design
5. Comprehensive Safety
6. Intuitive Monitoring

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  • Mature Technology

    The 48KWh indoor industrial energy storage system features advanced lithium iron phosphate batteries known for their high reliability, safety, eco-friendliness, and long lifespan, meeting the demands of KW-level power output.

  • Efficient Battery Management

    Utilizing dynamic balancing battery management technology, the system ensures automatic and fast battery maintenance, adaptable to various application scenarios.

  • High Energy Conversion

    With up to 96% energy conversion efficiency, the system offers substantial storage capacity and optimal power utilization.

  • Flexible System Design

    The multi-level battery management system allows for easy system expansion and upgrades, while the open CAN interface reduces advanced application development complexity.

  • Comprehensive Safety Measures

    Employing multiple layers of battery protection and fault isolation strategies, the system guarantees secure and reliable operation.

  • Intuitive Monitoring

    Equipped with a user-friendly LCD touchscreen, the system enables intuitive monitoring and convenient operation for seamless user experience.

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