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ZESE 4121Wh Energio Stokado Integra Baterio ZS15

ZESE 4121Wh Energio Stokado Integra Baterio ZS15

Product Model: ZS15 - 25.6V161Ah-4.1KWh

1. Versatile Application: ZS15 is ideal for powering small to medium-sized residential and public facilities. It efficiently cooperates with photovoltaic and inverters, providing reliable power to household appliances such as TV, air conditioner, and lighting.

2. Advanced Protection: Equipped with voltage, current, and temperature protection functions, along with SOC alarm, ZS15 ensures safe and stable operation. It guards against overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature, over-current, and short circuits.

3. Seamless Communication: ZS15 facilitates smooth information exchange with inverters via RS232 interface, enabling users to easily monitor and control battery BMS content. The RS485 bus allows for seamless parallel communication between battery packs.

4. Long-lasting Performance: With a high-quality LiFePo4 cell type and rated capacity of 161Ah (4.1KWh), ZS15 delivers reliable and long-lasting power, supporting up to 2000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge (DOD) at 25°C.

5. User-friendly Interface: The BMS comes with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to set and monitor battery operation status, real-time data, and historical performance. The Modbus/RS232/CAN2.0B communication interfaces ensure efficient data exchange.

6. Safe and Convenient Installation: Designed for ease of use, ZS15 offers wall-mounted installation, IP21 protection level, and operates efficiently in a wide temperature range (-10°C to 45°C), making it a secure and convenient choice for various environments.
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Product Model: MPS3K-4500Wh (120VAC) Mobile Power Source

Sell Point Explanation
Versatile Power Modes Three working modes: Grid Power First, Energy Saving, and Battery Power First.
Intelligent Control Technology Dual-CPU management and Smart Fan Control ensure efficient energy input and output.
Clean and Reliable Output Low-frequency pure sine wave output for stable and safe power supply.
Robust Protection Features Comprehensive safety measures against battery issues, overload, short circuit, and more.
User-Friendly LCD Display Real-time operating statuses, AC and PV wattage, battery level, and more shown on LCD screen.
Solar Charging Efficiency Intelligent MPPT solar controller with safety protections, optimizing solar charging.
  • Versatile Power Modes

    Three programmable working modes prioritize energy needs, including Grid Power First for seamless AC power, Energy Saving for low power consumption, and Battery Power First for efficient solar charging and backup.

  • Intelligent Control Technology

    Dual-CPU management ensures efficient energy input and output, while Smart Fan Control keeps the unit cool and reliable.

  • Clean and Reliable Output

    Low-frequency pure sine wave output provides stable and clean power for any load, ensuring the safety of sensitive devices.

  • Robust Protection Features

    Equipped with comprehensive safety measures, including battery over/under-voltage, overload, short circuit, over-temperature, and more, ensuring long-lasting performance and device protection.

  • User-Friendly LCD Display

    The LCD screen displays real-time operating statuses, AC and PV wattage, battery level, and more, allowing users to monitor performance at a glance.

  • Solar Charging Efficiency

    The intelligent MPPT solar controller features various safety protections, optimizing solar charging and maximizing battery life, making it an eco-friendly and efficient power solution.