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ZESE ESS Energy Storage System XAD01

ZESE ESS Energy Storage System XAD01

1. Comprehensive fire detection and suppression system with gas monitoring and 2KW air conditioner.
2. Intuitive LCD touch screen for real-time parameter monitoring and easy operation.
3. Dynamic balance battery management with multi-level protection for enhanced security.
4. Massive 274KWh storage capacity for reliable power supply in industrial applications.
5. Comprehensive monitoring system for accurate battery performance tracking.
6. User-friendly design with intuitive controls for effortless system management.

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Product Model: XAD01 Energy Storage System

Sell Point Explanation
Advanced Fire and Air Conditioning System The XAD01 features a comprehensive fire detection and suppression system with monitoring modules installed throughout the battery cabinet. It also incorporates gas monitoring to avoid false alarms and missed alarms. Additionally, the system is equipped with a 2KW wall-mounted air conditioner, ensuring efficient heat dissipation to maintain optimal operating conditions.
LCD Touch Screen The XAD01 is designed with an LCD touch screen, providing real-time system parameter monitoring and convenient operation. Users can easily view and manage the system's performance through an intuitive interface.
Enhanced System Security The XAD01 employs dynamic balance battery management technology, allowing for quick and automatic battery maintenance. The system also utilizes a multi-level battery management system, enabling convenient expansion and upgrading. Multiple battery protection strategies and fault isolation measures ensure the safe and reliable application of the energy storage system. Additionally, an intelligent temperature control system maintains stable temperature levels, minimizing fluctuations.
High Energy Storage Capacity With a storage capacity of 274KWh, the XAD01 offers substantial energy storage capabilities. This allows for extended usage and reliable power supply, making it suitable for various industrial applications.
Reliable Monitoring The XAD01 provides comprehensive monitoring capabilities through its monitoring modules and gas monitoring system. This ensures reliable and accurate monitoring of battery performance and early detection of any potential issues.
User-Friendly Design The XAD01 is designed with user convenience in mind. The intuitive LCD touch screen interface and easy-to-use controls make it user-friendly, allowing for effortless system management and operation.
  • Versatile Power Modes

    Three programmable working modes prioritize energy needs, including Grid Power First for seamless AC power, Energy Saving for low power consumption, and Battery Power First for efficient solar charging and backup.

  • Intelligent Control Technology

    Dual-CPU management ensures efficient energy input and output, while Smart Fan Control keeps the unit cool and reliable.

  • Clean and Reliable Output

    Low-frequency pure sine wave output provides stable and clean power for any load, ensuring the safety of sensitive devices.

  • Robust Protection Features

    Equipped with comprehensive safety measures, including battery over/under-voltage, overload, short circuit, over-temperature, and more, ensuring long-lasting performance and device protection.

  • User-Friendly LCD Display

    The LCD screen displays real-time operating statuses, AC and PV wattage, battery level, and more, allowing users to monitor performance at a glance.

  • Solar Charging Efficiency

    The intelligent MPPT solar controller features various safety protections, optimizing solar charging and maximizing battery life, making it an eco-friendly and efficient power solution.